• Editing

    I like to say editing is where the magic happens. It's where good material can become great and bad material, well, can at least become better! Picture assembly is my passion, and I bring a critical eye to every piece that I cut. Pace, timing, flow, structure, story arc, and cutting to the heart of a scene - these are the things that are in my blood, and a passion to always deliver the best possible product is what has kept me freelancing for over twelve years.

  • Motion Graphics & VFX

    We see motion graphics and visual effects in nearly everything these days. From things we never notice like background replacements, removing objects from a scene, and digital makeup to eye-popping visual effects and buttery smooth motion graphics, these types of effects are highly requested in many projects. I maintain a host of industry standard tools and third party plug-ins to achieve many of todays popular effects.

  • Color

    With more and more cameras being able to shoot RAW, color has become an integral part of nearly every post project. Color alone can set the mood of a scene and with some of the best tools on the market, images can be taken further than ever before. Wether it was shot on an iPhone or a RED, color grading can make all the difference.

  • Sound

    Nothing can ruin a fantastic edit quicker than poor sound. After working for years doing location sound for film, I learned the dramatic role that quality audio plays in the edit. As a result, I've honed my skills in sound design, mixing, enhancing, repair & noise reduction. From the subtle to the absurd, the impact of good sound design undeniable.

  • Workflow Management

    In today's world of digital video, massive ammounts of media have become the norm and a well thought out workflow is more important than ever. From keeping track of all of the assets associated with a project to planning out a roadmap to move a project through the various stages of post as smoothly as possible, keeping your workflow well managed is vital to keeping the post production process on track.

  • Mr. Fix-it

    Have a project that's just not working? Stuck with a cut and not sure where to go next? I may be able to help! I have a number of clients who have brought me projects in varying states of completion when they've hit a wall. I can't promise that I'll be able to fix everything, but I'm certainly happy to look at your project, provide you with honest feedback, and help you put together a plan to get it completed.